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Mobile Media

Looking for a ground breaking way to promote your business or event?

Big Impact’s Media Vehicles are available for your business with the powerful ability to brand or promote your business.

These vehicles are mobile billboards. They have high impact and are professionally presented which allows you to take your message to the streets reaching a wider audience.

Our Media Vehicles are proven to draw attention. People will take notice of your brand or promotion and by seeing it in such a manner, they will have a higher chance of remembering your important message.

Scrolling Media Vehicle - SMV

The Media Vehicle further enhances the viewer’s experience by adding in LED internal lighting for night activity and events. This will allow you to continue taking your brand to your consumer no matter the time. Also included are speakers, allowing any jingles, songs or messages to be played to accompany your message.

With such varied ways of attracting attention, you can be certain that you will be noticed by many people.

Further information of the media vehicle:

  • Your ad will be displayed on 4 sides of the vehicle
  • The media vehicle holds up to 8 clients – scrolling evenly through and promoting you across the region
  • The vehicle is active 6 days a week, for a minimum of 4 hours per day - the best time and area for you will be determined when we meet to discuss your requirements
  • It provides Big Impact as it is present at major events – we communicate your message to thousands of people at the Multicultural Festival, the Rugby League and the Rugby Union, Floriade and many others events.

Long Media Vehicle - LMV

Take your brand directly to your target market!

The LMV has a very strong, distinct presence on major highways around Canberra and Queenbeyan.
This advertising medium boosts recall and encourages impulse buying decisions. Utilise this vechicle at your next big sale or promotion to be noticed like never before.

If you want the Canberra market to remember your sale, promotion, and brand, book the LMV today because Size does matter!

The Long Media Vehicle serves the function of a non-scrolling billboard
- but on wheels. The billboard is static giving your brand ultimate exposure all day. The LMV is great for brand building or brand revitalisation.


  • The two side billboards are 6.5m wide x 2.6m high.
  • The rear billboard is 2.2m wide x 2.6m high.

If you would like exclusive promotion, then contact Big Impact Advertising to discuss your needs.

  • Ali Baba has a continued association with BIA


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    McDonalds - Loving making an impact

  • The National Summernats Summer Car Festival - with a consistent 3 day audience, its a perfect opportuntity to utilise outdoor media services.