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Digital Media

Big Impact provides its clients with a unique advertising solution with its digital billboards in Canberra. These are situated in premium and high traffic locations where your brand, message or event will gain the maximum exposure over the length of your campaign.

Location 1: National Convention Centre, cnr of Constitution Avenue and Cooyong Street, Canberra City.

  1. Large LED Screen
  2. Scrolling LED text bar

You are able to utilise both or either or in your advertising campaign.

Location 2: Bunda Street Bundle includes 3 screens on Bunda St adjacent to or facing the following Canberra landmark businesses:

  1. Gus's cafe
  2. Tounge & Groove
  3. Garema Place next to Playground Martini bar

Digital billboards give you unprecedented exposure in Canberra, allowing tens of thousands to view your promotion, event or brand in a shorter period, making it both cost effective and high impact.

Digital media allows you to develop a schedule to run various ads, change details at a whim and tailor your campaign according to your specific needs. Examples are:

  • Create a countdown for your event
  • Change important details – Sale over? Simply change the image
  • Long term branding campaigns can be tailored - Change your images according to the seasons or other relevant calendar times

Outdoor digital media also provides an unbeatable exposure frequency for the audience to recall your event, brand or promotion. This is done through:

  • your ad running 16 hours per day – 365 days a year
  • limited spaces and opportunities for high repetition of your ad and premium locations
  • You ad will appear on average 480 times a day, meaning over a course of a week your brand, event or promotion will be displayed in Canberra’s busiest areas over 3000 times!

Think Outdoor today!, Outdoor digital media is cost sffective – Compare our service and results with the price of other mediums.

As a client of Big Impact, you are able to save a large portion of your marketing budget by eliminating the middle man. We will liaise and facilitate as little or as much as you agree to.


  • Ali Baba has a continued association with BIA


  • Slaven Mazda Canberra

    Slaven Mazda - outdoor brand awareness helps drive our business

  • Crust Pizza engaged big impact advertising to help boost its Canberra Launch

  • McDonalds utilising outdoor media awareness strategies

    McDonalds - Loving making an impact

  • The National Summernats Summer Car Festival - with a consistent 3 day audience, its a perfect opportuntity to utilise outdoor media services.